Ready For The Festive Season?

With the summer months coming to an end and the children returning to school, thoughts will no doubt be turning to the festive season, which will be upon us before we realise it!

We are anticipating on-line shopping will continue to dominate with a peak around “Black Friday”, which seems to extend itself to a few Fridays!

Much thought goes into purchasing stock, sales and marketing but it is imperative the boxes are there to ship the product in or there will be some disappointed faces on Christmas morning!

Now is a good time to look at all your needs including bespoke.

We will continue to have a wide range of stock products such as cartons and tape, but how about having your boxes printed to enhance your branding and give you advertising from the moment your parcel leaves the warehouse, all through the supply chain until it arrives in pristine condition with the customer.

Maybe you are shipping high value products which you want to travel discretely through the supply chain, but still have the “wow” factor when the recipient opens the box. We can print your details / logo etc inside the box which also hides the surprise 😊

Here at Brackadams we are ready to help ensure your business runs smoothly.

Talk to us now about how we can make regular deliveries during the busy period to save time having to think about placing orders. They will be automatically scheduled in.

We can hold buffer stocks to help with any unexpected peak in demand.

Take the pain out of packaging and be ahead of the game this Christmas!

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