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Water Activated Tape

Are you looking for a water activated tape to suit your packaging requirements? Brackadams can help.

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Water Activated Tape
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Water Activated Tape

Once our water activated tape has been applied, it cannot be unpeeled. Not only does this provide that much needed extra security during transit, ensuring the goods within the boxes stay there until they meet their intended recipient but it also works as a natural theft deterrent. This is thanks to the fact that water activated tape will naturally expose any signs of tampering should this unfortunately occur. Also known as gum tape or paper tape, activated water tape is one of the most secure methods for sealing boxes.



Water Activated Tape Sizes

We have a range of sizes available in our water activated tape, allowing you to find the perfect one for your intended use. With widths from 24mm wide to 1200mm wide and lengths from 50m and beyond, we have everything covered however, we’re also aware of the importance of having the perfect size for your needs. For that reason, we can also make bespoke sizes to suit your individual packages, providing a specific width to ensure complete security on every single parcel.

Brackadams Water Activated Tape

Our water activated tapes are eco friendly, being made predominantly from kraft-paper and as a result, are recyclable making them the perfect addition for those wanting to take steps towards a more green practice. Couple this with our ability to make bespoke sizes and it’s easy to see why so many choose our water activated tape for their parcels.

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