Made To Measure Cardboard Boxes

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At Brackadams, we know that a made-to-measure cardboard box which fits and protects your products is essential for smooth delivery and can be critical to the success of a business. Not only by cutting down on breakages during transit and storage but also by reducing delivery costs and giving your customers a great experience with every delivery.

A bespoke cardboard box will give the degree of protection explicitly needed for your unique products, whether they are delicate, valuable, or don’t fit well into standard boxes.

The correct box size for your product is also better for the environment. It reduces the amount of excess material used in manufacturing, and the boxes can be stacked without wasting space during transportation – helping your business to reduce its carbon footprint.

Staff no longer need to struggle to get an item to fit in the box or use excessive packaging material as they try to secure products into an ill-fitting box. All of which result in a quicker packaging process, reduced cost of excess packaging materials, and a professional look to delight your customers.

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Made to Measure Cardboard Boxes

Why Choose Brackadams for Made To Measure Cardboard Boxes

At Brackadams, we use our 30+ years of experience to work with you to find the best made-to-measure cardboard box solution for your business, whether you are just starting, growing your business or looking for a more environmentally friendly option.

We pride ourselves on customer service and our team of dedicated experts who will take the time to understand your business, products and requirements. Using their experience, they will help you find the best solution for your business at a competitive price.

Having the correct box for your product is vital to any business delivering directly to their customers. The boxes can be designed in an extensive range of sizes, materials and shapes, giving you the safest, most cost-effective solution whether your product is delicate, valuable, or requires that extra special touch a made-to-measure box can provide.

As well as bespoke sizes and materials, the boxes can be printed with a message or logo to enhance your brand and increase your customer’s experience when the package arrives safely at their door. If you are looking for excellent customer service and a competitive price, look no further than Brackadams.

Interested in Bespoke Boxes? Speak to our team today.

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Here at Brackadams, we understand the importance of having the correct box for your product to enhance your business and minimise the environmental impact of your business.

Our team of experts are here to help you to find the right made-to-measure box solution for your business. In a size, strength and style that will help enhance your brand and delight your customers with every delivery.

Get in touch and talk to one of our friendly experts today about how Brackadams can offer you a competitively priced bespoke box for your business.

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