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Eco Friendly Gummed Paper Tape

Are you looking for an eco friendly paper tape to suit your packaging requirements? Brackadams can help.

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Interested in Eco Friendly Paper Tape? Speak to our team today.

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We offer a comprehensive range of plastic tape alternatives to enhance your eco-credentials without you having to compromise on the quality of your packaging.

We sell innovative paper tape solutions that are of different strengths and design, as well as dispensers, to further enhance the ease of use and versatility of the product. Our entire range is competitively priced so you can save the planet without it having to cost the earth.

What’s Wrong With Plastic Tape?

Traditional plastic and vinyl tape is harmful because it is non-recyclable, which means that it contributes to the millions of tonnes of plastic that go to landfill every year. By avoiding this kind of packing product you can immediately reduce your negative impact on the environment and enhance the green kudos of your brand.

Instead, we offer a comprehensive range of paper alternatives that do a fantastic job, without causing damage to the planet.

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Innovative Tape Alternatives From Brackadams

Instead of selling harmful plastic tape for packaging, we have worked hard to bring you the most ingenious and effective eco friendly alternatives so that you don’t have to compromise on quality to do your bit for the earth.

We currently sell a vast range of paper tapes that use moisture to activate their adhesive quality.

Our paper tape is an easy-to-tear tape that can be standard strength or reinforced. It’s a completely environmentally friendly product that can be used for all kinds of packaging projects and processes.

The water activated gummed tape that we sell is an eco friendly natural product that uses a natural type of glue that turns into an adhesive when the product is moistened. It’s particularly useful for boosting box security and strength because it forms a ‘bond’ with the box it is applied to.

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Water Activated Tape From Brackadams

We offer Tegrabond water activated tape systems because the brand is a market leader in this kind of product. Find out more about Water Activated Tape here.

We only want to offer our customers the very best eco friendly packaging solutions and Tegrabond water activated tape is known for being sturdy, smooth, crease-free and effective with much less tape being used, providing potentially huge financial savings for large packing operations.

Whether you are a low volume user, or a busy and high volume packing organisation, we have a water dispenser to suit you.

We have low cost desk-top dispensers for low volume applications, right through to very fast and efficient electronic machines which increase productivity whilst maintaining those all important eco friendly standards!

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Printed Paper Tape

As well as a comprehensive range of plain water activated tapes we sell printed paper tape that can be branded as “SENTRY SEAL TAPE” which lets your customers know that you use eco friendly, high-quality tape for your packaging.

We also offer “IMPORTANT CAUTION” printed tape and “CAUTION IS THIS PACKAGE DAMAGED” options. These can further enhance the way that the item is handled in transit, and provide easy alerts to the recipient when it comes to tampering.

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Whether you need some pre-printed paper tape, or an entire water activated tape system, we can help. Why not get in touch today to discuss our competitively priced eco friendly tape options?

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