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    Honeycomb Packaging

    Are you looking for a honeycomb packaging to suit your packaging requirements? Brackadams can help.

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    Also known as hexacomb packaging, honeycomb packaging is a paper based material that offers a unique solution for transporting products. Inspired by mother-nature herself, the unique panels within honeycomb packaging generally feature the same honeycomb shape you would find in a beehive. Add in the two surfacing panels or ‘sandwich’ style panels and a strong and durable packaging solution is created. The resulting honeycomb packaging offers a wide range of uses and benefits, from packaging to stacking and much more.

    Whether they’re delicate products that need additional protection during transit or products of high value, honeycomb packaging offers that unique combination that is superior strength coupled with a light weight design.

    Our paper-based honeycomb protective packaging not only offers amazing support but has been designed specifically to absorb the shock during transit and in turn, eliminate or in the very least minimise damage; as a result, this also helps reduce returns of goods overall.

    Honeycomb Packaging - Brackadams PS

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    Honeycomb Packaging - Brackadams

    Why Honeycomb Packaging?

    Honeycomb packaging has many benefits, from its amazing strength, allowing packages and products within packages to be stacked one on top of the other, as well as its ability to absorb shock and movement. It’s also used very commonly to fill empty voids within packages themselves. Honeycomb packaging, despite being made from paper, offers a truly rigid support while offering a sustainable alternative to the likes of plastic bubble wrap also as it’s 100% recyclable.

    Extra Security With Honeycomb Packaging

    If it’s security and protection you need, honeycomb packaging is without a doubt the number one choice. This competitively priced option allows for true protection at the most reasonable cost. It’s also ideal for those looking to take greener steps within their business.

    Bespoke Honeycomb Packaging Sizes

    Here at Brackadams, we’re also pleased to offer bespoke honeycomb packaging sizes to suit your exact requirements. We can create honeycomb packaging to suit any size or shape, giving you the perfect packaging solution for optimum protection at a cost-effective rate.

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    In Summary…

    • Provides incredible cushioning
    • Optimum shock absorption
    • Fill voids within your parcels
    • Reduce the movement of products during transit
    • Enjoy stacking strength
    • Offer rigid support and stability to products
    • A sustainable alternative to plastic bubble wrap
    • Innovative design

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    If you’d like to find out more about our honeycomb packaging, the sizes and shapes available, as well as how we can provide you with the most competitive pricing out there, simply contact our friendly team today. They’ll help you find the right packaging solutions for you and your products to ensure safe transit at every angle.

    Our entire range has been built with you in mind, offering both flexibility and affordability.

    Interested in Honeycomb Packaging? Speak to our team today.